The beginning

This is the beginning of what will probably be a pretty inactive blog! My lovely friend Sophia suggested I start one of these for when I embark on my travels. I only have two destinations in mind right now. The U.K. and Japan so not exactly a world traveler yet but who knows what the future will hold?

I’ll be leaving for the U.K. in a little under two weeks, on the 27th of October to be exact, and I’m a bit nervous about it to tell the truth. This will be my first big international travel. I’ve been outside my home U.S.A. a few times but all to Canada so this will be the first long-haul flight I’ve got.

I’ll be staying with a few good friends when I go over and look forward to a week of exploring the northern U.K. including around the Leeds and York areas and a jaunt up to Hadrian’s Wall!

To tide all of my avid readers over for the intervening time between now and my trip I have some photos of a daytrip I took up to Duluth and Tettegouche State Park in northern Minnesota! Enjoy the waters of Lake Superior and the fall colors.

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