Prologue: StrideTheEarth, of the itchy feet.

I’ve always wanted to see new places. Or at least I’ve always said I wanted to see new places. I never actually sought out new places until relatively recently.

Last year at the end of October I took my first overseas trip, I went to England, the United Kingdom, to meet up with some friends and see the sights. I absolutely loved it, from the moment I got out of the car at the airport on my way to England, until I was on my way home.

Just a small aside, I don’t know how to explain the energy I felt while I was waiting for my flight to board. It was a nervous, anxious, giddy, energy that had me smiling from ear to ear and I couldn’t sit in one place. I roamed up and down the hallways of the terminal for a good hour before they started boarding the plane.

Back to the subject at hand, after the trip to England I finally saw that I can do it. I can go where ever I like. I can travel, I can see new things. I’m only held back by my own hang-ups and anxiety.

So over this past winter I’ve been dreaming of the places I want to go. I’m working on a list of the things I want to see and, for the first time, I feel like I’m in a place where I can make it happen.

I meant this post to be about something else but it came out more as a confession of sorts. I actually went back and added ‘Prologue’ to the title because of that. Keep tuned for what I actually meant to write about!

3 thoughts on “Prologue: StrideTheEarth, of the itchy feet.

  1. The best kinds of posts start out as one thing and then mutate into another. I feel like its a sort of autofilter process. You start out with an idea you like then eventually while in process you realize theres something better you want to talk about!


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