Roadtrip Imminent

This is a strange one. I’m embarking on a roadtrip tomorrow morning. A roadtrip I haven’t really planned for at all.

I mean I’ve had the date in my mind for a month and a half, maybe two months. But in that time I haven’t planned anything other than a couple destinations.

I knew I was going to Glacier National Park right off the bat, but other than that I’ve kind of been filling it in piecemeal. Over the past two months I went from “I’m going to Montana to see Glacier National Park.” to “Glacier National Park, then Colorado.” to “Glacier National Park, then Colorado by way of Yellowstone.” Eventually it came to be “Drive through South Dakota into Wyoming, to Montana, to Glacier National Park, then to Colorado by way of Yellowstone then home after that.”.

Yesterday I decided to get to Montana by way of North Dakota rather than South Dakota. Why? Because I’ve never been to North Dakota before. I have been to South Dakota, albeit quite some time ago on vacation when I was either a very early teenager or even pre-teen. But this trip is all about seeing new things, having new experiences. So I decided North Dakota and have been filling in the details again. I’ll be stopping in Fargo at a little diner for lunch and then onward to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I’ll pass through Bismarck but I didn’t really see a whole lot that interested me there.

Let’s reel this back a bit, I was extremely nervous and excited when preparing for my trip to England. I spent a good week and half or more prepping myself, making sure I didn’t forget to pack anything. With this roadtrip I have a muted excitement and next to no nervousness, I just finished packing up my suitcase that I only started after getting home from work tonight. There’s a casualness to this that belies how I know I feel.

This one isn’t quite the event that England was but I can’t help but feel it’ll have more impact. This is me alone on the road, seeing the sights that roll by. Thousands of miles lay before me of highway, grasslands, forests, mountains, lakes, stars in the night sky, sun on the blacktop. As I type this the smile on my face is widening so maybe it’s just about realizing that this is happening for the excitement to kick in.

I’m going to try and take you all along with me, I hope to get a blog post up each night complete with pictures from throughout the day. I’m not sure how the schedule will work out since I actually have no idea when or if I’ll be in a hotel. I packed a sleeping bag and may be spending some quality time in the SUV if I need to stop and there isn’t a place convenient.

I also started an instagram that I’ll try to update as I go. No promises since I may completely forget about it! is where you can find me.

All that’s left now is to count it down and get some rest.

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