Road Trip: Day Three – Wyoming and Colorado

After last night’s ridiculousness I was just hoping for a relatively uneventful day today. I set the alarm on my phone for 9 am hoping to catch a decent amount of sleep but of course not. I ended up getting up around 7 and decided that the day may as well start.

After loading a few things in to my car just to get it done and ready for when I checked out I went and grabbed a bowl of frosted flakes from the dining room and went back to my room to work on the blog post for the previous day. I spent about an hour on it and got it up before heading out on the road.

Wyoming was completely empty, at least the route I took through it. I saw very few towns, and the ones I did see were all relatively small.

I loved Wyoming.

The reason I’m on this roadtrip is to see the landscape. I love to drive and I love to see the interesting things around me while I’m going, it fuels me. To see the cliffs, bluffs, buttes and mesas of Wyoming dot the landscape with the far-off mountains looming in the background was just fantastic.

I saw a little gravel pull-off alongside the road and had to stop to grab this picture.

The majority of my drive through Wyoming was uneventful, there was one bit that got a little harrowing though. I had just turned off Interstate 80 on to 789 and I saw clouds off in the distance. About 15 miles down the road the rain started. It wasn’t bad at first, I was happy that my car was going to get a wash, it was still dirty as hell from the drive through Yellowstone.

Mud bath courtesy of Yellowstone National Park

Well the lighter rain turned in to heavy rain that soon transitioned in to hail. I couldn’t hear my radio over it. (It was a podcast actually. The Critical Role Dungeons and Dragons podcast. I highly recommend it). Every car I passed on the road would chuck a sheet of water at me making it impossible to see for the second it took for the wipers to clear it away.

Not long after I crossed in to Colorado, green rolling hills greeting me as I came over the border. Driving through Colorado was a joy too, winding roads through the hills and mountains with green as far as the eye can see. The occasional building or house perched on a hillside.

But the real joy was when I got on Interstate 70 heading east. I jumped on at the city of Rifle, I had already decided I was going to stop early for the night so I looked at the map on my GPS and settled on staying in Eagle.

I passed through a city called Glenwood Springs. Ahead of me was an awe-inspiring surprise called Glenwood Canyon. I-70 meanders through this canyon, flanked by mountains on either side and twining with the Colorado river below. I kept one eye on the road and the other taking in the sights around me. Part of me wishes I had a co-conspirator on this roadtrip simply so they could have gotten pictures of this leg. I did stop at a rest stop and got a few pictures of the surrounding mountains but I don’t think I did them justice.



After the canyon it wasn’t much further to Eagle. I got all checked in and settled, happy to take a breath and look forward to a couple hours of relaxation instead of having to flop down in to bed immediately for sleep like the last couple of nights.

Tomorrow is Denver and beyond folks. We’re on the homeward leg of the trip, I love being out here seeing the sights but I’ll be happy to flop down in my own bed again!


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