Road Trip – Day Four – The Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and home to Minnesota Marathon

After a decent night’s rest I woke up early again, in time to watch the sun rise majestically over the parking lot of my hotel.

I wanted to relax a bit before hitting the road so I grabbed the complimentary breakfast from the hotel and hung out in my room playing “Golf Story” on my Switch. I hit the road around 10 a.m.

Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming have been my favorite states by far on this trip. By this point you can probably guess why. I love the mountains and natural beauty of the places I visit.

I really can’t say enough about how lovely the I-70 route through Colorado is. From the Glenwood Canyon I went through the day before to the mountain passes heading toward Denver. I was able to snap a couple pictures as I went along. Including a neat one I caught of what looked like a tour train. I saw smoke rising from a ravine and when I looked down I was assaulted by the massive blast of the train whistle. Scared the bejeezus out of me.


After the pass, and after Denver, Colorado flattens out in to a lot of grassland that seems to be used for ranching and farming so it begins to look and feel a lot like home.

I passed out of Colorado in to Nebraska, looking at my GPS, intent on getting home on this last leg. I didn’t want to spend another night in a hotel. It’s not like I had any bad experiences in the hotels I stayed in but they simply weren’t home and I was longing for my own bed.

Nebraska has its own charms but nothing as visually striking as the other states I’d already been in so I just went straight through in to Iowa.

Iowa I’d actually been to on a previous trip with friends. We’d heard about a place called ‘Zombie Burger’ which serves, you guessed it, zombie themed burgers. They also do shakes which are pretty good too! I had a thought of getting back there on the drive back but by the time I got to Des Moines it was far too late for any thought other than “Keep going.”.

One thing I have to say about Iowa is they had the nicest rest stops of all the states I’d visited on this trip, including my home state. It may seem trivial but when you’ve been on the road for hours and want to get out to stretch your legs, to go to the bathroom, to grab a snack, a clean and modern rest stop with good landscaping and decent options for snack food is a huge morale and mood booster. So good on you Iowa!

After I hit Minnesota it was just a “Just Keep Swimming” mentality. I’d come this far and I wanted to be in my own bed by the end of the drive. So around 3:30 a.m. I pulled in to my driveway, exhausted but triumphant. I grabbed most of the things out of my car and went inside to be greeted by May, my sweetheart of a cat, who can be seen here.


After unpacking the essentials I finally rewarded myself by flopping in to bed and promptly falling asleep.

Roadtrip complete.


6 States visited, not including my own of course.

3,260 miles traveled.

50 hours 53 minutes on the road.

Memories and sights to last a lifetime.

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